Movement Monday: How to Deadlift Properly

In this post one of our favourite trainers Tobias shows you how to deadlift properly. If you’re struggling with your form check out the video below. If you need more help contact us today on 07815 560 134 and we’ll happily put a program together for you. ‼Just in case you forgot how to deadlift […]

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why protein is important

Why protein is important when you train – a beginner’s guide

In this post our founder Phil, tries to cut through the science of nutrition and explain why he believes if you can get your protein intake right, the rest of your diet can follow, and you can achieve your fitness goals. What are the main macronutrients? In this post we will talk about protein as […]

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basal metabolic rate

Boosting your metabolism is NEAT: explaining non exercise activity thermogenesis

Most people complain about having a slow metabolism, or that they are dieting and exercising and still aren’t losing that stubborn weight. In this post we will explore how non exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) could help you to shift the pounds you have been struggling to lose. What is non exercise activity thermogenesis? NEAT refers […]

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Recovery - pillars of performance

Recovery and nutrition – completing the trinity of the pillars of performance.

“Earn your Beastmode by laying the foundation of stress management, energy system balancing, and nutritional balancing. You have to Leastmode before you can Beastmode.” Luke Leaman – Muscle Nerds. In a previous post, I spoke about stress and the importance of managing stress not only in the pursuit of better results in the gym but also […]

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stress - the enemy of results

Stress – the enemy of results

All of us feel the effects of stress over the course of our lives, sometimes that stress is physical, (any exercises places upon the body and it is this stress that causes a physiological response) and ultimately the adaptation that’s makes us fitter, stronger and gives us better body composition. Other times this stress is […]

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transformation weight loss

Karen’s 12-week transformation in health and fitness

At Omega Health and Performance we pride ourselves on helping our clients to improve their overall wellbeing. Here we share the story of Karen who we took on a 12-week transformation journey to improve her overall wellbeing. Karen’s 12-week transformation story “I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my GP suggested that I tried exercise rather […]

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cardio workouts

Making the case for cardio workouts

Wondering if cardio workouts are really for you? At Omega Health and Performance we are regularly asked about whether cardio workouts are a waste of time, especially as we tend to focus on strength and movement training. As with all elements of fitness, fads and trends come and go, but a regular, well-balanced program of […]

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