Karen’s 12-week transformation in health and fitness

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At Omega Health and Performance we pride ourselves on helping our clients to improve their overall wellbeing. Here we share the story of Karen who we took on a 12-week transformation journey to improve her overall wellbeing.

Karen’s 12-week transformation story

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and my GP suggested that I tried exercise rather than putting me on medication. I had also recently lost my mum after a two-year battle with cancer. I had been her main carer and since her death I found myself at a loss and had a lot of time on my hands. My daughter suggested Phil after she and her husband did a 12 week course with him last year.

I have never been to a gym and the thought of it filled me with dread but because of my health I thought I’d give it a try.

Phil was wonderful! Over the last 12 weeks he has gradually built my confidence in attending a gym regularly so much so, I now really look forward to my sessions and will continue to attend.

Phil looks at the whole person rather than just ‘keeping fit’. He looks at your food intake and with using a food diary, he is able to suggest better food choices and more importantly the right food to eat.

As emotionally I was in a bit of a state, Phil used meditation at the end of each session which felt strange for me at the beginning but I persevered and I am now in a much better place emotionally.

I thoroughly recommend Phil’s services if you are looking at improving your lifestyle.

What her family thought

Karen’s daughter Nic was equally pleased and added;

“I just want to say thank you for changing my mum so much! You’ve had the same impact as you did on me. She’s so much happier and more confident, you’ve worked wonders”.

The training Karen completed

When Karen first came to see us she wasn’t very confident. I think it’s fair to say that she was a bit worried about attending a gym environment. Our first chat lasted about an hour during which time we found as much out about Karen as we could. This included;

  • her reasons for wanting to work with us
  • her current physical and medical condition
  • any contraindications to training or to any specific exercises

We also spoke about her life generally and how we might be able to help her outside of fitness. For example, the possibility of using mediation within the sessions. Meditation can help to deal with the stress that she found herself suffering from and also started her recovery at the end of the sessions.

We spoke to her about her food asking her to keep a food diary so that we could keep track, but also so that we could help her to make gradual changes to her diet that would keep her ‘on the wagon’ and support her goals within the gym.

Karen’s training started by working on increasing her aerobic capacity. She gradually increased both the intensity and distance that she covered in the sessions. We also worked on specific movement patterns such as the hip hinge, squat and shoulder protection and retraction. Then we increased the intensity of the lifts. We progressed over the first few weeks to make sure that Karen was prepared to do more weightlifting. We made sure that her form was as good as possible so we could progress without risk of injury.

Karen has stayed with us and we have begun another 12-week course with her looking to further increase her capacity to work and recover and also continuing to work with meditation at the end of our sessions. Helping her to concentrate on the next steps that she is taking for herself.

Would you like to find out more about how health and fitness can change your life for the better? Speak to Phil today.