Movement Monday: How to Deadlift Properly

In this post one of our favourite trainers Tobias shows you how to deadlift properly. If you’re struggling with your form check out the video below.

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‼Just in case you forgot how to deadlift ??‍♂️ ‼ 1 thing I have changed over the course of my deadlifting which isn’t stated in this video is keeping the chin tucked in, which is essential as to not cut off the nervous system at the top ? you’ll be surprised how much extra focus and activation it adds???? 1 – laces under bar, shins fist length away from bar 2 – brace the core, shoulders/scaps back 3 – sit into position varying on comfort (I tend to take a half stance sit where I’m most efficient at deadlifting) 4 – grip over or underhand, take the slack (that clicking noise you get) 5 – push the earth away from your heels and drive forward with your hips/glutes 6 – keep Chin tucked in through the movement 7 – kick bum back into semi rdl so the bar hangs over the knees naturally 8 – reverse the sit to repeat the cycle DEADLIFT 101 ??????‍♂️

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We always advocate for building up to a movement if you aren’t sure how to acheive it correctly. If you feel unsure please dont try this on your own. Check out our personal trainers’ profiles and see if Phil or Tobias can help you to acheive the body you’re working for.


Tobias says:
“What we’re going to work on is posture, brace your core, engagement of the quads and your glutes as a lot of people tend to take them out.

You have 2 grips an overhand grip and a reverse grip, a reverse grip is for heavy weights and an overhand grip is for your lighter weights.

When we do a deadlift, engage your core, go straight down into it, shoulders over the bar so when you pull the bar up it’s going to go over your knees. Try to avoid the “shin bar”.

So we’ll go in, brace your core, straight back, take the slack, then you’ll drive through your hips and heels. Back straight not overarched, but driving the hips forward feeling that squeeze.

Then we lower, back over. Simple. Deadlift 101.”

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